The Secret
The Secret
Rating 7.6

The Secret

The Secret: Dome, a hot commercial director, is in a relationship with Nicha but still secretly sleeps around with other girls, such as Dao, a cosmetic brand owner who’s hired Nicha’s company for her brand’s showcase event. The reveal is hosted by the new presenter Mimi, who is Nicha’s junior and also another one of Dome’s flings. Also at the event are Saai, a ballet teacher for kids that Dome hired to dance at<span class=”read-more-hidden”> this event, and Rin, Nicha’s secretary, with whom Dome is also both having a relationship.</span>

Game Ruk Game Lub , Game Rak Game Lub
Status: Ongoing Network: Released: Dec 10, 2020 - Feb 11, 2021 Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 10 Director: Casts: , , , , , Released on: Updated on:
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